Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Sewing!

I had to cram in a lot of sewing just before Christmas because of that power outage. The bibs were pretty much the same as the other ones, but different fabrics. Four were for my nephew, one for Elijah, one for an order and that purple one snuck in a picture again. I like the green stripe with the animal prints. I made one reversible, and one just animal prints to have a matching green one later.


Time: 10 minutes at most
Cost: $0.50 (Jo-ann's Black Friday sale)

I was really satisfied with the look of this scarf for Eve. WAY CUTE! I used a rotary cutter, and it made it so fast to make. In retrospect, I should have made some more to give away for Christmas.

Doll Cloth Diaper
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $0.75

I love this little diaper. It was still time consuming for a normal projects, but fast for a diaper... and so, so cute. The are lots of nice features not found in other doll diapers I've seen. It has double sided aplex tabs, so you can roll it up, elastic in the legs, some pretend doo-doo and pee-pee, and there is a 2 layer fleece "soaker" inside, giving it a little thickness. Definatly cute.

I also made a container of fleece wipes to go with it. If I sell these, I'll make a printable label so it will be quicker.

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