Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leather Boots

Cost: ~$2.00
Time: About 2.5 hours, including drafting and fitting the pattern
Pattern: I modified this pattern on TackyLiving

I made these boots for Elijah. His poor little feet are so cold because he always pulls off his socks. I still don't really like using hard soled shoes for babies/toddlers, and I didn't want to pay $12 (again) for leather shoes he's going to outgrow at the end of the season. So I bought some leather... I was planning on making completely leather shoes for the fall following the above pattern, and I did make one, but my sewing machine started skipping stitches and then while I waited to have it fixed I lost the top piece of the second one. I haven't made a new one because I'm still hoping that I'll find it. Anyway, enough background...

These shoes have leather soles, microsuede outers and are lined with sherpa, everywhere but the soles (I may serge and hand sew in a peice of sherpa down there later to cover up the seams). I used the soles from the pattern above, modified the front piece and completly made up the back one. They both close with some touchtape (velcro) in the back. The first shoe I made sort of pulled of easy without socks on, so I put some elasic in the lining of the second one and that seemed to fix it.

As for the materials: I bought 2 bags of leather in Hobby Lobby in Louisiana, so I used one of those peices. The sherpa I got at a garage sale, so I don't know too much about it, exept I can tell it's not polyester. The mircosuede is actaully leftover fabric from our awesome rocking chair cover (thanks again mom!), and that was from the clearence flats in Joannes.

Conclusion: Love them! I wouldn't mind making these to sell or for gifts.


Anonymous said...

Your baby boots are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, well done you!