Friday, October 10, 2008

One-size Diaper and Diaper Pail Liner

Cost: ?
Time: ?

This is the first One-size Pocket Diaper I got to make with my snap press. I used ocean PUL outside and buttersuede inside. I used lastin instead of elastic and I don't think I like it much. Plus I put the TouchTape on the front too high, oh and I meant to put blue snaps on the front... But even with those problems, I still like it! It still looks good and it worked! Yea! Jon doesn't like the touchtape much, he says it too strong, but I think it'll get better.

Diaper Pail Liner
Cost: $6.08 : $5.74 for the PUL and $0.34 for the elastic
Time: 3o minutes

This was pretty quick to make, although I didn't count the extra hour I had to spend when I cut the first pattern wrong and had to try to figure out how to salvage the material. I made it square on the bottom, which turned out really good and fits our diaper pail really well. I used leftover waistband elastic (from the shorts I sewed for Elijah) around the edges, but I should have used FOE. I didn't even think of it at the time (again, thanks mom!)

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