Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Sewing Machine is fixed!

Cost: Not sure. The fake minkee was leftover from making my boppy cover a while back.
Time: Also Not sure. It took forever it seems, due to all the sewing machine problems.

This is the first project I finished with my repaired sewing machine. It was a going to be a diaper for my nephew, but he was born too big to wear it, so I never finished sewing it. I was so glad to get it done, I only had the topstiching left. Before I had the sewing machine fixed I could only get about 1-2 inches done before a thread snapped, or all the stitches started skipping or the thread came off the bobbin tension holder. It was very frustrating. But now... I got it done in one try! Yea!

It is a pocket diaper, with buttersuede from Hancocks on the inside. There is a hidden layer of white PUL behind the light blue Minkee. The minkee is acutally a rip-off version at Jo-Anns, and it has blue stars on it, but is still very soft. I used Aplix fasteners and I think 1/4" elastic on the inside. For the tabs, I used baby blue PUL that were scrap from some of the diapers my mom was going to make.

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