Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Legs

Cost: $1.00- $2.00 (I don't remember!)
Time: 15 minutes at most, even with seam ripping a mistake
Pattern: BabyLegs (Although I skipped step's 2-4 for a looser cuff)

Here are the first pair of homemade babylegs I made. They were from a 2 pack of kids socks I bought at Walmart. Very quick to make!I just wish it was easier to find cute (especially for boys) inexpensive knee socks. I used a serger and it went very quick. They match Eve's brown dress very well.

Conclusion: I love them! Quick and easy to make. I will definitely be looking for more socks to make some more.

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Be sure to put up a picture of her waring them with her dress!!