Monday, September 29, 2008

Snap Press Bibs!

Cost: Snaps are $.06 (for the 4 parts that make a snap) and the press, dies and shipping from china were about $79
Time: about 2 hours (mostly seam ripping!)

My Snap press arrived last Saturday! I bought the snap press to make diapers, but my first project was replacing all the worn velcro (and annoying ties) on our current bibs. Turned out, this was a great learning project! I got used to how to set up the press, remove mistakes (drilling them out), and what sort of pressure I needed to apply to make them 'stick'. I was able to do 12 bibs total, and I think I have about 8 more that require sewing to remove the velcro.

Conclusion: I really like using the snapped bibs. They are way easier to put on, the kids can't take them off, and now I can wash them with any other clothes without having velcro come apart and get stuck to everything.

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