Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cassie's Mei Tai

Original Mei Tai

With Modifications

Cost: ~$15
Time: 3-5 Hours ( A lot of time is actually spent sewing)
Pattern: A combination of Beth's Mei Tai, Jan Andrea's and the Frankencozy

I made a combination of the three patterns listed above. I may post some pictures of the pattern and call it my own, because I changed so much of the patterns. It is most like Beth's Mei Tai with a smaller body sizing ( 16" x 26" with a 6" sleeping hood). However I put the bottoms straps completely perpendicular to the body like Jan Andrea's pattern. Also, I used wide straps, pleated at the top, that taper down to the point where I tie them ( invented due to a fabric short-sightedness, but I do like it like that). Another modification was that I left the sleeping hood 'open', so it doubles as a storage bag. Probably my best modification.

In this picture, you can see there are no straps on the sleeping hood and I didn't finish sewing the tails of the straps. I have a snap press now, so I'll probably use those to attach the ends straps to the sleeping hood. Oh and in the picture I'm wearing it wrong, the tie is supposed to be around his legs, I figured that one out pretty quick. :)

Well, I originally posted a very unfavorable conclusion to this Mei Tai... but that has changed. I didn't like it because it was too big for him, and I only wore him in it on my back. Here's my Orginal Post:

"It's too big for him. His legs can't bend and have to stick straight out. And, it's hard for me to feel comfortable while holding him. Also, I do the criss-cross of the straps in the front and they really squish me! And they look wicked funny when I'm wearing it. And my back starts to hurt about as much as it does with the snuggli backpack carrier! I really hoping this carrier would be the solution to for Elijah getting too big for the pouch, but it hasn't been great."

Well, I fixed the size issue. I put in pleats at the bottom of the body so its smaller and his legs can bend. It also created a tiny 'seat' for him.

So, I was originally planning on using this carrier as a replacement for a backpack carrier. You can see that it didn't work well for me at all, and I still have those same problems... But, as a front carrier I really like it! It's easy to get him in it and I can go for a long time before I start to feel it. Plus, I have successfully nursed in it while walking through a mall :) With a tanktop and button-up shirt to cover my sides, no one could tell. He's currently 10 months and I've been using it as a front carrier for about 4 months. It's gotten really comfortable and easy to use.

Would I do it again? Yup. I use it all the time now. I would like to change the body styling though to bring the top of baby in closer to the body. Maybe a future project!

(EDIT: I have a new Mei Tai!)

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