Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baby Pouch

Cost: ~$7 per sling
3 Hours (1st one), 1 Hour (2nd one)
Jan Andrea Pouch Pattern


This is the first project I wanted to post, my baby pouch. I made this a quite a few months ago when I was pregnant with Elijah. The outside fabric is twill, and the inside is just a quilter's cotton print. I made this from Jan Andrea's Pouch Pattern (see link above - it's free!), with no padded rail. The fabric was $14 total at Jo-Anne's, and I was able to make two matching pouches out of it. It took me about 2-3 hours to iron, cut and sew the first one, and about 1 hour for the second one. I had to use tan stitching for the front so it doesn't look great in the picture, but I think I fixed it later with a nice matching brown thread.

I really enjoyed this while Elijah was a newborn, but I did find it slipped down on my shoulder too much while he was laying down. So I made another sling, one with a little deeper of a pocket, so that it would be a little tighter on my shoulder. It helped a bit, but he started sleeping more upright anyway, so that helped a lot more. He loved this sling as a newborn and could *almost* always be calmed down in it.

But... once he hit 3 months he was just getting too big to use it in very many positions. He wasn't big enough for using it on the hip (and I never put the padded rail in), he was getting to big for me to carry on the front all the time and he would have to be crammed in funny to look around in it.

I put in some padded rails on one, so it easier on him. It helped a bit, but I think this carrier is best suited for us for quick trips, like to the mailbox.

I'm really happy with them! For $7 each, it was worth it! It was cheap, easy to make and really helped during that tricky newborn stage.

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